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First Day Back

Monday, July 22, 2024 

The Bill Godair Scholarship

The Bill Godair Scholarship is a newly formed scholarship that honors the life and work of Bishop Bill Godair. Through the generosity of Cornerstone Church and donors, this scholarship will provide students with financial assistance to pursue their education. The scholarship application process will involve careful consideration of candidates’ financial needs.

2024-2025 Opportunity Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements have been Updated

Apply Throughout February - Deadline is March 1st.

The Opportunity Scholarship applications are open February 1 – March 1, 2024. There is no advantage to applying on February 1st. All eligible applications submitted during the month of February will be entered into the lottery. 

 Opportunity Scholarship Program. 

Uniform Logo

We have set up our logo with Ashlee's Embroidery of Salisbury. They charge $8 for each embroidered item with a week's turnaround. If you would like to go somewhere else please contact us for the file.  



My daughters, 6 and 7, have greatly benefited from the smaller setting of The Legacy School. The "schoolhouse" environment has allowed them to receive the individual attention they need to excel. Mrs. Stevenson has done a wonderful job creating a space where children can not only learn, but also gain valuable life skills like collaboration, and individuality.

Katie G.

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