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La escuela del legado

At The Legacy School (Private School), we have the one-room schoolhouse feel. Our mixed-age classes could include children’s ages varying by about 1 or 2 years. Interactions among children of different ages bring many positive benefits to the classroom. Traditional schools group children by age. The children are expected to learn the same material at the same time with the pacing based on the average student. This can cause children to feel left behind if they struggle with a concept or bored by the repetition of something they have already mastered. In our mixed-age classes, we follow the child as they progress at different rates in varying areas, moving them to the next stage of the curriculum when they are ready. We provide a span of materials and activities that allow each child to work at the pace and level best suited to their abilities.


Todo el año


Estamos en 9 semanas seguidas de un descanso estacional de 2 semanas.



Los estudiantes de Legacy School se adhieren a un código de vestimenta simple.

michelle stevenson
Director de Operaciones y Académico

As founder of The Legacy School, Michelle Stevenson brings more than two decades of experience in education and leadership. Her pioneering spirit, depth of experience, and love for the Lord are the foundation for the intentional development and expert management of TLS. Michelle’s career in education combined with her experience in the homeschooling realm has provided her with the management skills and visionary prowess that are essential to successfully leading TLS. Michelle earned a B.S. in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading K-12 grade from East Carolina University. Her decades of experience has spanned schools and businesses that included leadership roles with Rowan County Homeschool Association, N.C Cooperative Extension 4-H, Cornerstone Church, and others. Providing children with the opportunity of affordable exceptional education meeting them where they are academically, emotionally, and socially is Michelle’s passion. As a homeschool mom of thirteen years, she prayed for direction on what to do when her son graduated. She often envisioned a school that would truly allow students to come together to discover their strengths and to be challenged in a supportive and enriching environment. When Bishop Godair heard her God-given dream aligned with his desire to have a school on Cornerstone Campus, he gave her the opportunity. Michelle was able to bring their vision to life — and The Legacy began.

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